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Followed the instructions here [1]. Seems to work, using the modified (truncated) passenger_wsgi.py file [2].

Email settings: used mail.stacky.net, port 587 (see this thread [3]) with a user I created through Dreamhost web panel. Checked "Use TLS". This worked (I got a test email), but seems to not work now that I've successfully imported the FTS database. (fixed: I hadn't entered the full email address (osqa@osqa.stacky.net) in the "email user" field)


went to http://osqa.stacky.net/admin/sximporter, downloaded and selected zipped dump from faketestsite, submitted to get error. Copy of the error log [4]. I think the problem is that there existed a question already. Tried again with new database; worked!

  • revision histories aren't being imported


Added the line
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://stacky.net/MathJax/MathJax.js?config=MOconfig"></script>
just before </head> in forum/skins/default/templates/base_content.html. That seems to roughly do the trick.



  • Need http://osqa.stacky.net/questions/1234 to point to post 1234, even if it is an answer.
  • Scott's openid doesn't work.
  • admins/mods should be able to add openids for users.
  • email recovery option?


  • close/reopen doesn't show up in revision history ... reloading seems (randomly) toggle closed/opened state! see [5] ... seems to have stabilized now, so it's probably a caching issue. related: does closing have some effect on the score of the question?
  • don't get the most recent revision when you click edit [6]
  • possibly related to previous: rollbacks don't get counted as revisions.
  • can't post as unregistered user


  • User names are truncated very short on the user pages.

Fixed as follows. tracked problem to forum/skins/default/templates/users/info.html, where view_user.decorated_name is called to generate the user name. grepped around for "decorated_name" to find it's defined in forum/models/user.py (forum/models looks like a very handy directory). Looking at the definition, it uses TRUNCATE_LONG_USERNAMES and TRUNCATE_USERNAMES_LONGER_THAN, imported from forum.settings. grepped for "TRUNCATE" in forum/settings/ which leads to /forum/settings/user.py. Looking at that file, it's clear from the text that this appears in the admin menu. Under "User Settings" link in admin panel, unchecked "Truncate Long Usernames". --Geraschenko 00:04, 12 May 2011 (PDT)