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Okay, I don't really blog, but I do sometimes write up something interesting that I think about. Here are some links to those things:

(2016-03-07) Against the odds: a caution to practical Bayesians.
(2015-03-05) Chocolates, bugs, and socks. A few calculations from real life.
(2013-09-23) A bug in my high school physics intuition.
(2013-07-30) Misconceptions about machine learning.
(2012-07-21) Wanted: adaptive navigation app. How to make GPS navigation systems better.
(2012-07-14)  How to write diagram chases. A proposal for how to write diagram chases so that they're readable.
(2012-07) My Tooth Implant. My experience replacing a tooth.
(2012-01-26) Non-(affine line)s. My collection of strange things that look like $\AA^1$.
(2011-10-18) Projective Set. A card game similar to Set.
(2011-10-18) Quantum Go Fish. A game about managing uncertainty.
(2008-Fall?) Advice on real-time TeXing. Bits of advice I found myself repeating to many different people.
(2007-11-13) The Salamander lemma. A blog post I wrote for the Secret Blogging Seminar.
(2007-04-15) My Blood Clot. My experience getting a blood clot.