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Research Interests

Algebraic geometry, moduli problems, invariant theory, representation theory. See my research page for more detail.

About Me

Me juggling 6 balls at the Awesome Show in Spring 2011. Photo by Keith Conrad. Full story here.

I'm currently a software engineer at Google, but until September 2012 I was a postdoc in the Caltech math department.

My mathematical interests are largely in algebraic geometry, particularly foundational questions about algebraic stacks. See my Research page for more information.

I like TeX and LaTeX. If you do too, have a look at my TeXnical notes and advice on real-time TeXing.

As a real-time TeXer, I've accumulated some course notes that I find to be useful references.


Okay, I don't really blog, but I do sometimes write up something interesting that I think about. Here are some links to those things:

(2016-03-07) Against the odds: a caution to practical Bayesians.
(2015-03-05) Chocolates, bugs, and socks. A few calculations from real life.
(2013-09-23) A bug in my high school physics intuition.
(2013-07-30) Misconceptions about machine learning.
(2012-07-21) Wanted: adaptive navigation app. How to make GPS navigation systems better.
(2012-07-14)  How to write diagram chases. A proposal for how to write diagram chases so that they're readable.

(older entries)


"" is a question and answer site for professional mathematicians. I founded it and helped to make it successful. You can read about it in the Notices, from the Simons Foundation, in the Atlantic, and on many different blogs.

I helped organize the Caltech algebraic geometry seminar and toric geometry student seminar in 2011-2012.

I've taught several courses over the years. Check out the course pages.

Contact Information

Name: Anton Geraschenko
PGP: my public key
Phone: 617 275 1573 (cell)
Home: 1033 Cordova St. #5, Pasadena, CA 91106 (map)